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General commercial terms of the web shop follows the respective provisions of the Commercial Code, as amended, and general binding legislation. 


Unless resulting from the context otherwise, the below mentioned terms have the following meaning:

Seller means: online shop , Jan Srnec, Dekys 119, 969 01, Slovak Republic, Company ID: 74 77 28 75, VAT Payer’s ID: SK1085931583

Customer, client or buyer means: a natural person or a legal entity entering into a business relationship with the seller.

Goods or item means: all products mentioned in the valid catalogue and price list of the web shop.

Price of goods and price for delivery of goods

All prices of the goods are stated on and are mentioned as VAT included. The price for delivery of goods to the place defined by the customer is not included in these prices. The price for delivery of goods is paid by the customer separately according to the valid price list that the customer selects directly when making an order. The price of goods is mentioned per piece unless specified in the description otherwise.  Products of the web shop are designated only for person older than 18!

Ordering of goods

The customer can make an order through the web site Buying through this website is completely standard. After clicking on the view, the goods is displayed with more detail description. If you decided to buy particular goods, click on the button “add to the basket”. Then, the goods are added to the shopping basket the summary of which is displayed in the heading of the website. Detail displaying/summary of the shopping basket enables to modify the number of pieces of the selected goods or delete them.


insertion of goods to the basket

selection of the payment method and delivery of the goods, comments related to the order

filling out data needed for purchase

confirmation of the order

if you click on the button “Order”, the order is sent to the seller

The seller then confirms the order or its part to your e-mail. All other information regarding your order is sent to your mentioned e-mail address, if needed. An exact specification of the goods – identification of type, price, quantity, price for delivery of goods, method and date of payment of the order, method and date of delivery of the goods – is needed to confirm the order. The confirmed order (or its part) is binding for both parties.

Payment for goods

The customer can make the payment for goods by a credit transfer and by the WIRECARD gate.

Delivery period

The delivery period is usually 1 to 5 working days. If circumstances require. When conforming the order, the customer is always informed of the current delivery period by e-mail. The delivery period mentioned at particular goods is an informative average delivery period that may differ in individual cases.

Delivery and takeover of goods

After paying the price for goods and the price for delivery of goods by the customer, the seller shall deliver the goods to the customer with required quality, price and quantity as well as within the agreed period. Goods can be delivered in Europe, namely using individual courier companies in particular countries. If goods are taken over by the customer, the customer confirms by his signature the completeness of goods, and undamaged condition at the courier by which the goods were delivered.

A tax document (invoice) is delivered by e-mail. Before signing a takeover record of the courier, the customer has to visually carefully check the parcel whether it is not damaged. If it is damaged, the customer has to ask for making a record of damage. The customer can take over a product in damaged package only at his own responsibility. The seller does not accept any additional complaints without the record made concerning quality or quantity. The customer is obliged to state such delivery address where he is staying. The parcel is packed discreetly, and thus also a delivery address to work can be stated.

Defects of goods, warranty period and complaints

The seller answers for defects that the goods have at takeover by the customer. If the defect is concerned that can be removed, the customer has the right for its removal for free, on time and duly, and the seller is obliged to remove the defect without undue delay. Instead of removal of the defect, the customer can also ask for replacement of the goods, or if the defect relates only to a part of the goods, replacement of the part provided that the seller does not suffer inadequate costs with regard to the price of goods or seriousness of the defect. If the defect is concerned that cannot be removed and that is preventing due use of the goods as the goods without any defect, the customer has the right to replacement of the goods, or he is entitled to withdraw from the contract. If other irremovable defects are concerned that are not preventing a due use of the goods, the customer is entitled to an adequate price discount of the goods defined by the seller.

The warranty period for the products equipped with an electric motor takes 12 months unless mentioned otherwise, and it starts by the day of takeover of the goods by the customer.


The goods equipped with an electric motor are provided with the 12 months warranty period (unless stated otherwise). The warranty does not relate to the goods damaged by common use, mechanically damaged, damaged by unprofessional manipulation.

Warranty terms

1) The warranty terms describe principles and rules applies at claiming the delivered goods. The warranty terms neither exclude nor limit any binding legal rights of the customer, and any rights of the customer against the seller. Rights and obligations resulting from the warranty provided for the products follow provisions of Special provisions on sale of goods in a shop, Art. 612 to 627 of the Commercial Code, and responsibilities for defects of sold goods according to the Commercial Code (Art. 622 and 623, where the customer is informed of his rights).

2) If during the warranty period a product defect is showed caused by a defective design, processing or material, the defective product (or its component or parts), if the following conditions are fulfilled, will be repaired or replaced with the new one for free.  The claimed product or the claimed part must be complete. The warranty provided by the seller does not relate to damage caused by fire, water, static electricity, or any other natural disaster, incorrect use of the product, wear, mechanical damage or unprofessional setting, modification, repair or incorrect method of use incompatible with the user manual. The warranty does not relate also to damage of the product by storage out of the temperature range from -20°C to 45°C.

3) The supplier undertakes to settle the claim (warranty repair) within 30 calendar days from takeover of a written lodging of the claim, including the claimed goods.

The claim has to contain:

name of claimed product

detail description of defect

claimed product or claimed part

copy of a document on purchase (invoice)

address where the settled claim has to be sent, and your contact data (phone number, e-mail)


If the claim does not contain these particulars, the claim department is authorised to refuse the claim.

Claims are received on the following e-mail address:

The seller decides on the claim immediately; in complicated cases within 3 working days. In justified cases, mainly if required by a complicated technical assessment of the product condition, not later than within 30 days from lodging the claim. However, settlement of the claim must not exceed more than 30 days. The customer will be informed of the claim result immediately after finishing the claim procedure by e-mail.

The customer lodges the claim to the seller where he bought the goods. However, if the warranty card states a different businessman designated for repair, who is closer to the place of the seller or the place of the customer, the customer has to apply the right at the businessman designated to make the warranty repair.

Offering the highest quality and the best guarantee is our commitment to our customers.

Are the products guaranteed?

We guarantee that the products we sell work correctly and that if they have any manufacturing defect, we will exchange them at no cost. We will then make a claim to the manufacturer. The 2-year warranty means that the products are guaranteed against manufacturing defects during that period but not for misuse or mishandling

Can products be returned in perfect condition?

Yes. If you simply do not like them or do not want them, you have 15 days since the moment you receive the products.

What do I do if the product is faulty or does not work as advertised?

You have 2 years to return any products that do not work or has manufacturing defects. We will process the warranty with the manufacturer.

What does the guarantee not include?

Failures caused by negligence, shock, improper use or tampering, improper voltage, incorrect installation, or material (subject to wear and tear due to normal uses are not included).

Use of warranty

In those incidents that justify the use of the guarantee, we will offer the repair, substitution of the item, rebate or return within the established terms and conditions. To make use of the guarantee, it is essential to present proof of purchase, invoice and contact our customer service department through the Contact Area in order to process a return ticket (RMA) through the corresponding link in your private area.

Personal data protection

Detail information and rules related to data protection can be found at: Personal Data Protection